Cluster house room inspiration

Having a cluster house is often a barrier for you to present certain rooms. This can be caused by several factors, ranging from the monotony of house plans built by developers, or even because of the limited area. Cluster house room inspiration

However, did you know?

These two factors are not a reason that can stop you from being creative in presenting your dream home. Like any type of cluster house you have, you can still bring a personal touch, even rooms that seem unusual. Approximately, what unusual rooms or areas can you present in a cluster house? Check out the full review below!

Mini Garden

The limited land in cluster houses often makes you think of turning all of the area into a building. Actually it’s fine, but the design of this method indirectly you have sacrificed the presence of green open space at home. To work around this, you can present a mini garden with a size of approximately 2×2 meters. In addition to presenting a row of green plants decorated with coral rocks, you can also add a small comfortable relaxing area.

Swimming pool

if you are interested in presenting a swimming pool in a cluster house, you can use two types of pools that don’t take up too much land. The first is the lap pool, a rectangular pool whose size can be adjusted to the existing land. While the second is a plunge pool, a small pool intended for soaking and swimming.

Entertainment Room

Do you and your family have a particular hobby that you like to do together? There is nothing wrong with presenting a room to support this hobby. For example, for those of you who like to watch movies, you can leave a special room and turn it into a home theater. This way, you and your family can spend more quality time together.

Gym Room

In order to maintain fitness, exercise is an activity that should not be missed. If you are lazy to go to the gym or exercise area, you can bring it at home. If you have unused space, you can turn it into a gym room. Just present a few tools such as a treadmill, stationary bike, to a few other simple tools.

Having a cluster house is not a barrier for you to present unusual rooms. If designed properly, it is not impossible that all areas in your home can be maximized properly.