Warmer weather is here! And to have a little fun, we decided what better way to celebrate that, than with a fabulous ice cream party? Yes, please. Ice cream always tastes better when shared with loved ones. 

For us, it’s all about finding the magic in those simple moments. Isn’t that what ice cream is all about?

It’s definitely ice cream season.

When I think of happy foods, ice cream It might be the purest form of happiness a-la core memories as a child. It always brings a smile, and it’s such a cool, delightful treat in all this hot weather. 

For our little party, we broke out some fun goodies and printables!

This is the perfect idea for the hot summer days ahead. 

We have all the free printables below, but we also included cone wraps, stickers and more if you want to throw your own party!

We cut some colorful card stock, and added it to twine to give it the classic “awning look”, with all the fun colors. 

And we brought in fun toppings in these cute little containers, along with bowls, place holders, and more for a color-filled, eclectic vibe. 

I don’t know about you guys, but we want to eat this photo. I think we should all aspire to be as photogenic and happy as ice cream!

We’re all about a well-planned buffet, especially with Ice Cream.

Want to throw your own? Here are our free printables!

Place settings + cards
Skinny Tags / stickers 


Blue stripe popsicle + ice cream cone 
Triple scoop + blue popsicle 
Swirl ice cream + aqua cup
Sherbert + lime popsicles
Orange swirl ice cream + red popsicle 
Yellow glass + red popsicle

Stickers / confetti sheet 
Ice Cream truck Bottom + Ice cream truck top 
polka dot tags

• Cone wraps – yellow stripe + polkadot  + red stripe + plaid 
Ice cream truck stickers – confetti 

Just click + print and cut away! We recommend card stock for the best possible results. 

The kids really had a blast with a special celebration.

We loved bringing in colorful accents with glass containers to hold all the gum balls, our own bunting designs available above! and these giant, light up ice creams.

They’re actually piggy banks, with battery-powered twinkle lights. They now work as night lights in each kiddos’ room. So quirky and fun!

I even designed this sweet little ice cream truck, as a part of the invitations, or on it’s own in large and in charge form. 

All the colorful accessories! We truly can never have enough when it comes to all things fun parties.

The perfect pairing with these fun Edy’s® Slow Churned® flavors. 

Vintage-esque sodas, fun colorful accessories, and more!

It totally gave us vintage ice cream parlor vibes. 

Such a fun little set up!

As always, let us know if you throw your own ice cream party. So amazingly yummy. 

What’s your favorite part? We’d love to hear!

Have an inspired day!