Once upon a time, I shared these plans for the doors I plan to make and place in our primary addition. I was thrilled to finish them up this spring, and while the door making is under way, today I wanted to share this… and a little bit of a status update.

I’ve received a few questions about these windows once they were complete, and I thought I’d answer some of them… as well as the pattern I designed. This space is livable now, and it only comes down to getting it done since we’ve been out of the house for two weeks refinishing our floors in the rest of the house.

The kids have been top priority, so slowly but surely. 

But first, these are a few posts you may want to check out, if you’re curious about stained glass:

• Check out all the supplies I listed + a little take on getting started, here.

• We covered the basics of stained glass, here.
It’s pretty in depth with good videos referenced as well, so be sure to check it out.

• I shared this free pinwheel pattern, here

• I also shared this honeycomb pattern here! 

And I thought I’d answer a few questions about this gargantuan pattern!

What kind of glass did you use? 

I actually used water glass for this project. I was obsessed with the look, and even though I switched the colors around a little, I adore the way it turned out. Check out a nice collection of water glass, here. 

What did you use for the center pieces?

You wouldn’t believe it, but I just drew up this pattern, and made it to the size I thought I wanted. Then Delphi Glass sent an email about a sale on their specialty pieces. They don’t come in many sizes. I measured, and realized that these simple beveled pieces would fit just miraculously in the spot where they were needed. It was the perfect size and just worked out that way. 

Can I change the size?

Of course! Just download and print to whatever size at home if you have a large format printer or at a professional printer like Fed Ex. We recommend having it laminated, we cover more of this in our basics post linked above and you’re ready to roll!

Want this pattern? Get it here!

The original size is 13 x 53 – perfect for two small double doors.

Any other recommendations before starting on this project?

I’d say order a few pieces of glass, and decide on what you want to do before changing it up completely and spending too much on  glass like I did rookie, and easy mistake to make. But also, just take your time and have fun! Part of the beauty of stained glass is the therapeutic process. Clearly I’m not sad about my extra colors, because I’ll be using them, too. 

On the door front… it’s moving along!

This was a still shot from an awkward angle of a very intense video… but first, a little bit about Manomin Resawn Timbers. Have you heard about them? We were having a really hard time finding pretty wood, locally. Another benefit of all things 2020, still making our jobs crazy. 

I’ve admired them on instagram for a while, drooling all over their amazing eye candy. They’re an awesome company that carries reclaimed wood. We reached out to see if they wanted to work together on this project. So they very generously sent us this beautiful wood with really cool unique features that we’re currently pulling together in a door!

These photos don’t do them justice and we love the awesome reclaimed feel. I love that they have a story and that we’re able to reuse something with purpose.

Our sweet friend is kind of a really good wood worker Nurse Anesthetist by day – he’s actually good at a lot of crafty things. So, he and Jamin have teamed up to make this happen. We’re getting really close! 

The wood is so beautiful in itself, we don’t want to paint or stain it, and I love the way it’s all coming together. 

I even ordered these amazing vintage pulls to use and can’t wait to see how it all looks! 

It should have quite the funky, eclectic vibe when all pulled together. 

Here’s a glimpse of it in the basic frame! Yes, I did try not to flinch when they sent me the glass placed on the door. I know it’s in good hands with a guy who shoves things down peoples’ throats all day and brings them back from the brink of death. Just saying. 

We’re so excited for these one of a kind pieces to go in our home. Thanks so much for letting us bring you this little update today. We’ve had a lot of moving parts going on around here and can’t wait to continue to update you about some fun things going on behind the scenes. 

As always, let us know if you try the pattern. We’d love to hear!

Stay tuned + have an inspired day!