The Role Of A Home Energy Advisor

When purchasing a new house, or when upgrading your current one, it is crucially important to consider the protective aspects of your house and property in the form of energy use efficiency.

Typically a new buyer will have the house thoroughly examined and assessed by a professional inspector before the sale if ultimately finalized.

Using the services of a professional inspection firm may not necessarily offer the best options available for your particular residence in regards to heating and cooling of the structure. An energy advisor is more suited to finding solutions and pinpointing problems and potential difficulties which may severely affect your home and your standard of comfort and safety.

This is because a normal home inspection typically reviews the current systems of heating and cooling that are installed and in-use, without offering any advise on improvements beyond basic safety warnings. On the other hand, utilizing the services of an advisor gives the homeowner the advantage of learning about better ways to heat the home during chilly weather seasons.

The energy advisor can tell you about new building materials and heating systems that homeowners may not be aware of.

They can also suggest cost cutting practices that will help keep expenses to a minimum.

Another service that an energy advisor can offer, is an inspection and audit from a different perspective.

1) They can forecast potential pitfalls of your current systems of heating and cooling.

2) They can test for areas of heat loss.

3) The knowledgeable advisor is aware of the newest product offerings.

4) They can match the homeowner with a suitable solution that falls within a budget.

5) They can advise low cost, quick and easy solutions wherever they can be applied, saving the homeowner money.

Beyond the scope of its cost effectiveness, utilizing the services of a home energy advisor can help you minimize your carbon footprint. Reducing emissions and saving energy are good reasons to call in a professional for upgrades and new purchases.

There are also government and private programs which allow for rebates when certain appliances and utility needs are purchased. The consultant can offer you the best course of action for your particular needs and wishes.

Lowering costs of home ownership adds value to your property. Whether you plan to retain your home for an extended frame of time, or plan to sell it after improvements and upgrades, you can more readily reap the benefits of having an energy efficient home.

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