What is Google Collections? Store and share links, images

Google is a divisive company. Maybe you love the ease of Gmail and how easy it is to find anything you want online.

Or maybe you get a shiver up your spine thinking of all the data the search giant has on you. Tap or click to see everything Google knows about you.

You might see a few personal details when you search for yourself online. Luckily, you can ask Google to remove your phone number, address and more. Tap or click here to see what you can wipe out and how to do it.

Love or hate it, Google has a lot of handy resources to make life easier. Here’s one you might not have tried:

A simple way to save and share

Think of Google Collections as an aggregator for items you want to return to later or share with others. You can save links, images, and places from Google search results. How you use it is up to you. It works great for anything from places you’d like to visit to an online recipe book with links to your favorite meals.

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